When to quit a workout program

How do you know if a workout program is right for you? How do you know if and when to make a change? Is that personal trainer even listening to you?

At some point we all have asked this question. Whether it’s wanting a change for physical changes, emotional reasons, or just a change in schedule at some point it’s time to start a new workout program.

How do you know if a program is not right for you anymore?

1. You are not seeing results.

This should be a given, but not always. In general if you have been doing a program for anywhere from 6-12 weeks then results and changes should have occurred in the body. However if your goal is primarily to lose weight keep in mind that weight loss is 70-80% diet, so the workout may not be the issue.

Make sure that you are tracking your results. Stepping on the scale, taking body measurements, progress pictures, and noticing the fit of your clothes are great ways to physically track results. Notice other changes too. How about energy levels and sleep quality? If your goal is to get stronger, keep a record of how heavy you are lifting or number of reps. If your goal is to run faster are you tracking your run times, distances, speed, etc.

If there is no noticeable change in your body, life, or workout goals then it’s time to change up your program.

2. You are not getting the results that you want.

Following up from above, any workout will give you results. Ask yourself though if these results are the results that you desire.

I have heard many women looking to lean out their bodies, hire a personal trainer who designs a program around lifting heavy. Lifting heavy is not a bad thing at all, but if lifting heavy puts on muscle then the body will be stronger, but also bigger. Is this program and the results best suited for the client? It’s up to the client.

On the flip side if your goal is to be stronger and your workouts focus on cardio, barre, yoga, etc then the results will not be the same as lifting heavy.

This is why it so important to have a goal. Make it specific to you! So many of us start exercising and have no idea what we are doing. We try different things, did what someone else was doing, and what someone told us worked for them. When this happens there is no focus on goals or how can this program help me to reach my goals.

If your workout is not giving you the results that you want for your body it is time to change.

3. You don’t like it.

I always say if you do not enjoy your workout do not do it. Are you doing a specific workout because it’s popular? Are you feeling peer pressured by a friend to come to a class that you hate with them? It’s so easy to feel peer pressured to workout these days.

I hate working out at a big gym, so I do not workout there. If you hate running more than anything why are you running? If you enjoy yoga do not feel pressured to always do HIIT workouts.

You need to like the workouts that you are doing in order to stick with it.

Quitting a workout program because it is not working for you for any reason does not make you a quitter. This means that you have consciously decided that a specific workout is not working for you and it is time to make a change. I think this is smart. A workout is a selfish thing about you, your body, and your goals.

I personally do not think that one workout is better than the other. I would love to say that every workout I design for my clients is the best ever, but that’s certainly not true. What works for one person will not work for someone else.


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