Thoughts on weighing yourself


Weighing yourself on a regular basis can help or hinder your weight. Whether trying to lose, gain, or just manage your weight, the scale can be pretty powerful.

Everyone is different with how they view and manage what number the scale shows. Weighing yourself can be a tool or a weapon.

I personally weigh myself every morning. However I don’t recommend this to everyone. I went through a period where I had to break up with the scale. It became too much, and my reactions to my weight were not always the best. I was stepping on the scale every chance that I could. Some days after every meal. I set stupid goals for how much I should weigh after breakfast, another for lunch, another for post workout, etc.

Basically I was being stupid.

Just like anything there are positives and negatives to the scale.

When trying to manage weight (whether gaining or losing) you have to have a starting point. Different things work for different people, but weighing yourself on a regular basis allows you to keep track of your progress.

Those that weigh themselves more frequently (i.e. daily NOT multiple times/day) tend to lose more weight than those that avoid the scale. Why? Accountability. Yes there are many ways to tell if your weight is changing, all of which are just as, if not more, important as the scale. So why use the scale? Simply because it takes less than a minute to weigh yourself, and it’s super easy to track. It’s quick and easy.

Plus, if you set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, how freakin amazing is it to reach that goal!

I have also worked with those that say that weighing themselves helps them keep their weight in the range that it should be. Think about it. If you are trying to keep your weight in a certain window, how do you know if you are there if you never weigh yourself?

The dark side of the scale can be pretty crappy though.

It’s really easy to eat bad and then avoid the scale because we don’t want to see our weight. We think that avoiding the scale will undo things or we want to stay in a state of denial. The scale does nothing but bring us down sometimes. Not acceptable!

Many people don’t handle the scale well at all. I have been there, I get it.

The scale can easily make or break your day. There’s nothing worse than to be working hard,  not see any changes, or the scale go in the wrong direction. We start to relate our self worth to our weight.


Some of us can become obsessed with reaching a certain weight. So much that it’s all we can think and focus on. That’s a hard place to be. The more we stress about our weight the more difficult it is to change it.

Stress and healthy happy body weight do not go well together.

The obsession with reaching a certain weight can begin to affect relationships with others, food, and exercise.

There is no magic number of times to weigh yourself. It’s a personal choice. Like I mentioned before, I have struggled. What started out as using my roommate’s scale out of curiosity became an obsession. I used the scale for control. I was in charge of it. Once I had enough it was a very long time before I knew my weight again.

Today I use the scale. Some days I feel great. Some days I know exactly what it will say. Some days I don’t really want to see because of how I ate or feel. No matter what though I have to make sure that it doesn’t control me. Life is way to short to worry about gaining an ounce.

If weighing yourself daily, every few days, or even once a week works for you then do it. If the scale has become an obsession and an enemy don’t bother. Leave it. Find what works for not just your body, but your mind and lifestyle.



  1. Ariail January 6, 2015 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Naturally, I absolutely love this. So true and so great to read

    • jane.hanisch January 8, 2015 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      Yes! I thought you would relate to this post.

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