The 2 main reasons you aren’t losing weight

Every time I discuss this topic with anyone from my clients to complete strangers, most people inform me that they are eating healthy and exercising, but they just can not lose weight. The truth is we have all been in the situation of wanting to lose weight. It does not matter if it’s 5 or 100 pounds.

I know that these are not the only reasons that weight loss does not occur. I am not referring to medical issues, hormone imbalances, etc. I am referring to a healthy individual trying to work on themselves. In my own personal experience and from talking with many others these are the 2 main reasons that we can not lose weight.

You are not being honest with yourself.

Whether starting to eat healthy and exercise for the first time in your life or getting back on track with a healthy lifestyle, results are normally seen fairly fast. Then what happens-the dreaded plateau! If you know that you have kept up with eating healthy and exercising, try keeping a food and workout journal for a few weeks.

Journals can be so eye opening! For example I have seen a client’s journal and to her everything was healthy. No processed foods, no alcohol, etc. She was eating lots of sugar-natural sugars but still for her overeating sugar. She over consumed on fruits and especially dates. Without writing it down we would not have seen this pattern.

Journals can also be used for accountability. Knowing that you are recording every bite of food and every workout can change your mindset just enough to kickstart things.

Binge eating and mindless eating.

Binge and mindless eating can seriously affect your results. We have all have overeaten before. We have all had a strong craving for something and consumed the whole thing. We have all eaten out of boredom, sadness, avoidance, etc.

These eating habits happen. What needs to be noted is the frequency. Overdoing it one night out will not destroy all that you have achieved. Problems occur when these become regular occurrences.

Binge eating can occur from over restriction. Putting stress and pressure around a certain food can give the food power. For example let’s use ice cream. Having an internal dialogue about never consuming ice cream again or that you are a terrible person for liking ice cream is dangerous. What happens when you have ice cream. Most likely the carton will be emptied quickly and you will hate yourself.

You are not a terrible person for eating ice cream, but you developed an association between your self worth and ice cream.

Mindless eating can occur without even realizing it. Grabbing a second handful of  a snack, putting away dinner and taking another bite, staring at your phone all the while snacking are a few examples of mindless eating. Some of these are daily habits and while maybe small can add up over the week.

These habits can affect your weight and goals, but they can be fixed. The first thing though is being honest with yourself that binge eating or mindless eating is happening more frequent than it should.



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