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I love training with Jane! I was at a standstill and she helped me reach all of my goals! We do a total body workout including discussing my nutrition. I love how tone my arms and legs are! I’ve never felt better!


I needed someone who would work with me on weight loss and lengthening, while at the same time being understanding that I was basically starting from scratch. I met with Jane one day a week for three months, but she would put in extra. She would show me different exercises to do on my own. We would take measurements every two weeks to track results. She was very encouraging and my habits slowly changed. Jane was motivated, just like trainers should be, but she was also very relatable and genuine. Her commitment to me as a client was very professional. After our 3 months of training was over, I can say that I had lost about 10lbs, but had lost more in body fat and had gained muscle and tone and more self-confidence.
I enjoyed my time with Jane and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I met not only a great trainer, but a great friend!