PiYo Workout

I love both the strengthening aspect of Pilates and the stretching aspect of yoga. Put these two together and there’s a full body workout that sculpts, tones, and stretches the body without beating it up. As a bonus many of these exercises work the glutes helping you achieve that infamous yoga booty.

Perform these exercises for a short workout. Below is a breakdown of how to perform each exercise.

PiYo flip// Start out in a plank position, finding lots of length in the spine and the legs. Pressing into your right hand open into a side plank, stacking the left hip on top of the right and reaching the left arm up. Continue to rotate pivoting on the right foot, keeping the right leg straight and bending the left knee, placing the left foot on the ground. Reach the right arm long landing into a modified back bend. Reverse motion back to the start. Repeat 10 times then switch sides.

piyo plankpiyo flip


Downward facing dog tuck// Start in downward facing dog (inverted V position). Cross the left ankle behind the right ankle. Bend knees coming into a crouched position, bending elbows out to the side lowering chest towards the floor, and folding at hips into a tuck position. Press back up into downward facing dog, straightening the arms and lifting the left leg high. Return back to the tuck position crossing the left ankle behind the right. Repeat 5 times. Switch legs.

downdog tuckpiyo 3 point

Lunge Twist// Standing tall with the arms reaching overhead palms facing in. Step the left leg back, staying on the ball of the left foot. Bend the right knee 90 degrees lowering into a lunge, while twisting the torso to the right; bring left arm forward to shoulder height and reach right arm long behind. Hold for 5 deep breathes. Twist torso back to center, straighten the right leg and lift the arms long overhead. Repeat do 2-3 sets of 10 each leg.

piyo twist

Swivel// Start in downward facing dog. Maintaining inverted V position and arms straight, lift and extend the right leg long behind you, flex the foot. Turn the toes to the right and bring the right directly side reaching out from the hip. Keep leg long and parallel to the floor. Hold for 5 counts. Return the right leg behind and repeat. Do 5 reps and switch sides. Perform 3 sets.






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