Perfect Skin and Hair Diet

perfect skin diet

Nothing looks as good as healthy skin and hair. All of the makeup and blowouts in the world can match the beauty of healthy radiant skin and hair.

Last week I was talking with a training client about getting old, Botox, and plastic surgery. While we agreed to do a spa date soon for some pampering, I was quick to remind her that skin health comes from food. Food is what feeds, repairs, and rejuvenates the cells. A healthy body on the inside shows on the outside.

The good news is that eating for radiant and healthy skin and hair does not have to be hard and it tastes great too. Of course the foods that your hair and skin need to look amazing are the same foods that your body needs on the inside to be strong. So while feeding your body properly, you are almost multitasking and perfecting your external beauty without the spa.

1. Green equals Glowing

Dark, leafy greens are the King and Queen when it comes to the skin. They contain vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that replenish the skin, hydrate cells, and literally make you glow. Most dark greens are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are essential for collagen production. Beta-carotene can also help those with sensitive (like me) by reducing some of the damage that has occurred to the skin cells. You have heard it time and time again but those greens keep showing up anytime nutrition comes up.

Think: spinach, kale, arugula, collards

2. Fats

Essential fatty acids are the fats that your body can not make on its own. These fats are like pure gold for healthy skin and hair. EFAs are the building blocks for healthy cell membranes and help keep skin hydrated, plump, youthful, and radiant by playing a critical role in producing skin’s natural oils and increasing blood flow. Bonus they also come in foods that are full of other healthy nutrients. Avocados for example are full of fiber and Vitamin E.

Think: nuts, avocados, hemp seeds, eggs, flax

3. Eat with the Seasons

You should know that your skin and hair need different support with the seasons. Lucky for us  the different foods that are in season have different nutrient levels. Over the summer, eat foods produced in the summer as these nourish, refresh, and help protect from heat and sun (watermelon, berries, tomatoes). During the winter look to cooked warming foods like a sweet potato, to help with the drying of skin and hair brought on by the cold.

4. Herbs

Herbs are often overlooked for their nutritional benefits, but they should be staples in your diet not just for flavor and weight control, but for beauty as well. Herbs can be serious healers for the body, they also provide general support, anti-inflammatory properties, and loads of antioxidants. Yeah!  They’re also great for ridding the skin of harmful bacteria allowing all of those vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats to do their work. Incorporate herbs not just in your cooked dinners and sauces, but throw them in your smoothies and salads.

Think: basil, oregano, fennel, turmeric, ginger, cilantro, parsley, rose hips

perfect skin and hair diet2

5. Hydrating Foods

Eating a healthy diet has so many benefits, but if you’re restricting your diet or focusing on grains, nuts, etc. you could be missing out on the importance of hydrating. Your skin and hair cells need hydration. This is yet again where all of those fruits and veggies come into play. So many types of produce are full of water that can help hydrate as well as detox the body. Think about the difference between a grape and a raisin. What’s the difference? WATER!

Think: cucumber, celery, pineapple, papaya

6. Probiotic

If you aren’t taking a daily probiotic give it a try. A healthy and hydrated gut will reflect on the outside. Think clear skin and efficient nutrient absorption. There’s no point eating all of those healthy foods, if your body does not properly absorb the nutrients, right? When your gut and digestion is healthy so will your skin and hair.


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