New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

So of course everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions. If you look at any health/fitness article or website you will find 1 of 2 things.

  1. How to clean or detox your diet, the diet/workout that will make you stick to those resolutions, etc.
  2. Why resolutions don’t work, it’s about lifestyle not resolution.

There is nothing wrong with either of these. As long as people keep making resolutions and starting health kicks in January then every January these sort of articles will be around.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with making resolutions. I look at resolutions the same as setting goals. I personally set goals throughout the year, not make it all or nothing come January 1. Most of the time I am too exhausted from all of the Holidays that the last thing I want to do is add more to my plate by feeling like I need to make resolutions.

If resolutions work for you, great. If you don’t make them, great.

Thinking about the whole New Year’s resolution in terms of fitness and health, most of us will not keep our resolutions. For whatever reason, maybe we’re trying to do too much or maybe our diets go from all or nothing to waaay to restrictive, but the fact of the matter is most of us don’t keep our resolutions. Ok then what do we do.

If fitness and diet are your focus for the next year, awesome! I totally support it, but be ready for life. How do you fit in a healthy diet and those workouts when life happens? All of the planning in the world won’t prevent the car from breaking down, the boss scheduling a late meeting so you can’t workout over lunch, the kids from getting sick, or as you are walking out the door the dog takes a huge dump on the rug.

That is real life.

Most health and fitness programs are geared for those short term resolutions:

  • 5 day juice cleanse
  • 6 week bootcamp

Yes sometimes the short term goals and programs are what we need to get started, but we’re either unable to stick to the rules, make every class, etc. We put ourselves into this all or nothing category and feel horrible when things don’t last. Why? Life.

Once our mind is set on this all or nothing, perfectionist ego, it’s really hard to change it.

Real life is complicated. Real life is messy. Real life is unpredictable. Real life is stressful.

It’s important to remember that when making goals, either at the first of the year or not, to keep things in perspective. Life can and will get in the way. Life may change the way your goal takes shape.

Resolutions need to have some flexibility and ease to them.

Success stories are all about just showing up and putting in the work. They’re not about perfection.

In the end, we have no clue what 2015 ultimately has in store for us. Things will unfold as they will.

If wanting to revamp your health and fitness, go for it. Just make sure to some flexibility into it so that you can account for your own unique life.

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