Making up dietary restrictions

making up dietary restrictions

I love nutrition. I love cooking. I looove eating. I love that certain foods keep you young and accentuate your beauty. I love reading about celebrities. I love reading about celebrities’ diet and fitness. I love laughing about some of theirĀ diet secrets.

Thanks to celebs, weird eating habits, and crazy fad diets everyone has a dietary restriction. Whether lactose intolerant, gluten free, vegan, sugar free, low carb, low fat, raw food diet (see this post) or any other restricted diet, it seems that everyone all of a sudden has an issue with food.

It seems like we actually enjoy having these restrictions. As soon as one diet fades, another one comes about and all of a sudden we have not only new restrictions and rules to follow, but allergies or sensitivities too. Some use these labels it seems just to brag.

Saying you’re vegetarian or gluten free etc is sometimes seen as a source of inspiration. “I could never give up (red meat, bread, etc.) I don’t know how you have the willpower.” For all you know they could be avoiding red meat, bread, or whatever, but drowning in diet sodas or processed cookies with a big marketing label plastered on the package.

Not always so inspirational is it?

I realize that there are some who are truly allergic to certain foods or have a disease. I am in no way referring to this crowd. Being vegan or vegetarian does not bother me (I primarily eat plants too). I’m referring to those who are ALWAYS dieting and use all of these obnoxious labels to justify and self diagnose themselves.

Instead of just eating healthy and avoiding the bad stuff, the constant dieter is all about the image.

Don’t do be this person. Don’t find a way to slip in your diet into every conversation. Don’t make up dietary restrictions.

If you are interested in getting help with your diet or trying to stick to your resolutions (here) do your own research or seek out the help of a professional. (I personally recommend myself!)



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