Looking for a new Blender?


One key piece for having a healthy kitchen is the right equipment. Whether it’s pots and pans, sharp knives, or even just a pretty serving bowl the kitchen needs to be set up for success.

A blender is a really versatile piece of kitchen equipment. I feel that over the past few years the blender has had a makeover. They are high powered machines and a great investment. I finally made the plunge and dropped some money on a quality blender. I needed/wanted one for years it seemed, but just hesitated to spend the money. If you are serious about it don’t let money hold you back.

While shopping for a new blender think about your needs. Are you only making smoothies? Are you going to make sauces, nut butter, crush ice, blend soup? The options can go on and on.

Reviews.com reached out to me to share their study testing and comparing different blenders. The review looked at full size and personal size, as well as the best budget friendly blender. Of course not every blender was included in the study, but a lot of the popular well selling blenders did make the cut.

Check out the study and results here: https://www.reviews.com/blender/ 

I normally don’t do kale in a smoothie, but I love that one blender test was the kale test. If you have tried adding kale to a smoothie, you know that it’s very fibrous and tough to break down. If not broken down to a smooth consistency the kale just dominates the smoothie.

Check it out here and let me know what your thoughts are. Also do you have a favorite blender?


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