How to actually get into fitness in 2015

actually get in shape

Do you have gymtidation?

Whether you don’t like the gym itself, the other members, the staff, the price, etc. not feeling comfortable or dreading the gym is not doing you any favors. If you hate something then why do it?

Don’t feel like you have to join the nearest box gym. There are so many ways to get in shape without having to step foot in a gym, but also sticking to your fitness routine for the long haul is key.


use the buddy system

Use the buddy system. Everyone claims to be the busiest of busy, so why coordinate your schedule with a partner. Of course you don’t have to always coordinate¬†your schedule with someone. Simply enlisting a friend to be your accountability buddy can offer results. Knowing that someone is supporting, but also holding you accountable will may be all the motivation you need. Make a commitment on Mondays to do a certain number of workouts that week and text each other once complete.


enlist a trainer

Yes as a trainer, I am promoting my business. While I may not be able to help everyone (at least right now!), there are tons of professionals out there. Why hire or consult with a trainer? First a trainer can help out with tip #1. Your trainer can help hold you accountable, ¬†and not just during your sessions. A good trainer is there for you all the time. I have had clients reach out to me at all hours and text me pics of their great food choices. Obviously a trainer can take the guess work out of planning workouts and helping you get in shape. Trainers can give you that extra push to work a little harder or longer. Perhaps more importantly a trainer can be supportive and realistic when other can’t or won’t. I have seen clients at their most vulnerable. Many times I have sat and cried or celebrated with clients. I have been honest (even when I know it hurts). Dealing with the emotional side of making changes is hard, but you don’t have to do alone.


schedule, schedule, schedule

I can not emphasize how important it is to schedule your workouts. If you truly want to make changes in your life and body you have to make it a priority. Make your workouts a meeting for yourself. It’s non-negotiable. Commit to giving that time to yourself without distractions. Tying back to steps 1 and 2, a friend or trainer will definitely help out with the scheduling.


don’t beat yourself up

Don’t beat yourself up. No one is perfect. If you have to skip a day or reschedule your workout it’s fine. You’re not always going to want to roll out of bed and workout. The key is not throwing in the towel. Look at your schedule and find time to fit in a workout the next day or so. If you never stop and throw in the towel then you never have to start again. It may take time to make fitness a true habit, especially if it’s been a while.


visualize your goals

Visualize your goals. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? How do you want to look? Before diving blindly into joining a gym or a crazy juice cleanse, think about your goals. Goals, both the short and long term, take and work. Keeping your goals in mind will help with motivation, but also help tailor your workouts, your diet, and your schedule. Make a list of your goals, create a vision board, tell yourself positive thoughts first thing in the morning, whatever it takes.

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