Holiday Hottie: Quick Booty Burn

I love, love, love booty burning exercises! That’s one area that I always want to tighten as much as possible.

Good news is that it doesn’t take much time to get a nice burn. Hallelujah!

This quickie of a workout is Pilates and dance inspired, and it can be done anytime anyplace. Pressed for time, perform once through. Have a little bit more time perform 2-3 sets of each exercise.

If you want to include some ankle weights for an extra boost go for it!

Holiday Hottie quick booty burn




Standing Work:

  • Arabesque lifts 20/leg
  • Side leg lifts 20/leg
  • Plie squat with 5 pulses 10 times- Sink into plie squat, pulse 5 times, straighten legs, squeezing booty

Booty Burn


Floor Work:


Lying on left side, spine long, abs engaged, knees bent to 90 degree angle. Perform exercises then switch to the other side.

  • Toe taps 20 reps- extend top leg long tapping toe on ground and back up to hip height
  • Clam 15 reps- Keeping toes connected, open and close the knees.
  • Knee press 15 reps- Touch the knees together and lift up the toes. Extend the leg long on the diagonal, pushing from the booty, pull knees back to touching.

knee press



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