Holiday Hottie: Indulge without Derailing


What is it about the final few months and weeks of the year that even the healthiest and most disciplined of us seem to go off the rails?

This time of year there tend to be thousands of temptations everywhere. Whether it’s a special Christmas themed treat or social engagement that takes priority over a workout.

It’s no wonder that come the first of January there are so many resolutions to get back on track or start a new workout. We always swear off sugar and make goals that are way to challenging to stick to longer than a week. The reality is that many of us gain 1-2 pounds during the last two months of the year, and those pounds stick around.

Sure that doesn’t sound like much, but add that on top of any extra weight you already trying to lose. Also if those few pounds stick around long then the next time you have a small weight gain it’s just compounding the situation. In other words you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

So what are we supposed to do?

Be a Scrooge at every social situation. Sure you can be extremely careful and not have a single bite of your favorite holiday treat. Where’s the fun? Where’s the festivity in this festive time? Here are a few easy tips to stay healthy, stay on track, and avoid any extra holiday pudge.

Don’t save your calories. Not eating before heading to a food filled party sounds smart if you want to indulge a little-less calories, right? Wrong! The hungrier you are, the faster your self control goes out the window and the more likely you are to binge. Eat healthy throughout the day, and you will be able to control yourself later on.

Feast in the kitchen. The likelihood of grabbing an extra roll increases if the rolls are right in front of you. Think about the bread or chip basket at restaurants. It’s so easy to grab more food and not give it a second thought. Keeping serving trays and dishes in the kitchen, makes it less convenient to grab seconds.

Don’t eat just because it’s there. Only treat yourself to the food that you truly enjoy and want. If you can’t imagine Christmas without a certain cookie, drink, or side dish then it’s OK. Just say no to the other bland and boring cookies, because they’re not truly what you want. If something doesn’t taste good, then is it worth the calories?

Just wait. It takes 20 minutes to feel full. If you inhale that entire dinner plate like you have never eaten before, you’ll be tempted to fill you plate again because hasn’t had time to register that it’s full.

Alternate between alcohol and water. This tips gets ignored easily because nobody wants to hold an empty glass. Alternating wine/liquor/champagne/beer with water will help keep you hydrated, helping to prevent a hangover. Bonus tip, drinking water will help avoid the drunken munchies.

Sleep lots. Stay on track with you sleep. Lack of sleep can mess with your weight by throwing off the hormones leptin and ghrelin. Ghrelin tells you when you are hungry, and increases with lack of sleep; leptin suppresses appetite, but levels decrease without sleep. Being tired will make you eat more, and harder to lose weight.

Don’t give up your workout. Let’s face it, between family, travel, and social engagements on top of your normal work schedule, there isn’t much time for workouts. That’s no excuse though. Becoming a couch potato is the worst idea. Do what you have to do. Need some help check out this post. Need a quick at home workout find it here and here.


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