Holiday Hottie: Gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and taking a moment to reflect.

I read somewhere that listing, actually writing down what you are grateful for, increases your happiness.

I’m not sure how true it is or is not, but it seems to fit with this time of year. Being grateful is something we should be more often, so I figure it can’t hurt. It’s also an easy way to remind yourself how freakin lucky you are on those days when you don’t feel so hot.

It’s also a nice thing to see something positive in this hard world.

What makes your life beautiful?

Most of the times it’s the small things-cliche I know. The insignificant things seem to be what stick with us though. What a shame to be living such a wonderful life and not even know it.

Take a moment to think and write down a few things that you are grateful for.

Here are a few things that I am grateful for each and every day:

My husband, David. He works so hard because he wants to give us the world. He’s my happiness, my security, my friend, and my rock. He thinks my always makeup free, sweaty, and stubborn self is gorgeous. We can have a date just by sitting on the sofa. His happiness is my happiness so we get to share every joy together.

Reese, Charley, and Maverick. My four legged and furry children. Their crazy personalities bring so much laughter to my life. They are truly examples of unconditional love.

My parents, brother,extended family, and of course my friends. I don’t talk or see them nearly enough, but I know that they are on my side no matter what. I cherish my friends as much as my family.

The opportunity to start my own business, to work hard, and help others. My career is a huge part of my life. I have met so many great people. They have helped me just as much as I have helped them. We have changed each other’s lives through sweat, tears, laughter, hugs, and love. I love that each day is different and not knowing what the future holds.

My body. I have slowly learned to appreciate it. I take the ability to walk, see, hear, etc. for granted. It may not be able to do everything, but it has done so much. From ballerina to model to world traveler
my body and I have done some amazing things.

Treats. Whether it’s a stiff drink, yummy food, laughter, hearing the best song, watching the sunset, reading, decorating, etc. treats are everywhere and they are totally what you make them. Each day has so many mini delights!


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