Find your way

I’m not the girl who has to surround herself with motivational quotes in order to get going. I’m naturally pretty motivated and headstrong.
I do like this quote though. It seems to speak to my life at this moment. My head seems to be spinning all over the place, sometimes in a good way, but sometimes in an overwhelming way. Like mini heart attack way.

Ok, with this quote where do I start?

It can speak to everyone at any given time.
At this precise moment, I am exhausted mentally and physically. While life is fabulous right now it’s still exhausting sometimes.
I have this really horrible habit about going to a negative place in my head when I’m tired, stressed, etc. I am my own negative naysayer.
I start to question decisions, actions, thoughts, food choices, my weight, you name it. Point is I tend to turn on myself.

Turning to the news or social media doesn’t help. Everyone seems to be so bitter and jealous of someone. Why?

Everyone has an opinion and comment on how someone should live their life. There are so many cruel comments, negativity, and rudeness out there. Whether it’s your appearance, relationship, or career someone always has a way of slipping in the negativity- even if the negativity is in your own head.

I have always busted my ass to either make ends meet or to follow a bigger dream. I never dove into the corporate world. I never really made backup plans. Things were just going to work. I do not make plan a, b, or c. I just dive head first into things.

I find a way, or I make one.

This quote is all about doing what works for you. Not someone else. Keep going. Keep pushing forward.


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