Diet: Limited vs. Restricted

Diet, limited, and restricted are tricky words. Just reading them probably draws up different thoughts in your head based upon your own experiences. I’m willing to bet probably not positive thoughts, too.

For me there is a difference between a limited diet and a restricted diet. (If you feel different that’s OK.)


There are so many diets out there. Think cleanses, detoxes, fads, etc. I bet you can easily name ten diets without any effort. So many of these diets have temporary phases where you eliminate say sugar, carbs, gluten, solid food, etc. These are highly restrictive. There is a clear set of foods you can and can’t eat.

We have seen diet after diet come and go because there is a psychological part to dieting. When we live a highly restrictive life we miss out on things. some of us do not do well with restriction from day 1. Others thrive on restriction, but in an unhealthy way. One restriction leads to another. It starts to become an obsession and an issue of control.

Once the restriction is lifted we go nuts. Binging is an everyday occurrence. Eating dessert all hours of the day is our way of sticking it to that diet. It doesn’t matter though because you will destroy anything that comes between you and your Ben and Jerry’s.


So if a restricted diet is all about saying yes or no to certain foods, where does that leave you on a limited diet? To me, a limited diet is finding balance. It’s listening to your body. It’s filling your body with foods full of nutrition that make you shine from the inside out.

To me, limited is primarily eating foods that make me feel good and limiting foods that make me like shit.

If you know me you know that I have a sensitive stomach so it doesn’t take much for me to feel one way or the other. It’s not always easy though. My mind may be saying that I want something, but my body does not always agree. I have literally been craving something, taken one bite, and hit a wall. I can tell when my body will not be happy with certain foods.

Does that mean I live a highly restrictive life where I’m fearful of sugar, carbs, gluten, or whatever? Not anymore. I have been there. I have struggled with every bite of food. I have told myself horrible things because of eating certain foods. Even though I am in a better place with food, I still struggle. I have my bad days and then my really bad days.

Restriction, limitations, and balance are all hard. We hear all the time about restricting certain things in our diet, then we hear to limit these foods, and then we’re told to find a balance between everything. All the while our mind is saying one thing and our body is saying another.

It’s not always hard though. When you eat healthy and avoid the foods that you really should avoid then most days your mind and body are happy. Your body is receiving the nutrients that it needs and it is able to tell you what it needs.
What are your thoughts on restrictive and limited diet?


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