Basil Hummus

Hummus. It's everywhere and has become a popular food in the past few years among vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Why has it become so popular? Simply it tastes great. It's impossible to not find a flavor or texture that you like. Swap out different beans, add herbs or citrus, add more garlic or none [...]

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Halloween Caramel Apples

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have made a fun treat for the season. This short post is about a SUPER easy and healthy snack that's appropriate for the season. Think no sugar, no butter! Wait, so how can it possibly taste good, right? Dates. They're what make this caramel acceptable. The date caramel is [...]

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Mediterranean baked feta

I made this on  Easter Sunday as a quick and easy appetizer before dinner, and I was really happy with the results. It was easy to assemble and had tons of great flavor. What I really liked about this is that it's not your traditional baked cheese dip or appetizer. Most of the time when [...]

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Warming Banana Bread

We've made into March, which means we're almost to the a change in the seasons! I love the excitement the new season brings. There's always a boost in energy and mood. Well before we get to the start of spring, we've got to survive the last cold days of a hard winter. A few more [...]

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No bake oatmeal nut butter balls

  I made some balls! Ha! If you know me, you know that I say "balls" a lot. Ha-balls! Well, back to these balls. This quickie of a recipe is great for breakfast or as a snack. Once made they can be kept in the refrigerator or at room temperature in an air tight container, [...]

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7 Healthy and Portable Snack Options

I am not a big snacker. I stick to mainly meals, and occasionally have a snack. Most days I don't though. I know some people love their snacks or have schedules that work better to fit in a snack during the day. When choosing a snack it's important to choose one that's nutrient rich, low [...]

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