Halloween Caramel Apples

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have made a fun treat for the season. This short post is about a SUPER easy and healthy snack that's appropriate for the season. Think no sugar, no butter! Wait, so how can it possibly taste good, right? Dates. They're what make this caramel acceptable. The date caramel is [...]

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Warming Banana Bread

We've made into March, which means we're almost to the a change in the seasons! I love the excitement the new season brings. There's always a boost in energy and mood. Well before we get to the start of spring, we've got to survive the last cold days of a hard winter. A few more [...]

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Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, and Peppermint Bark

Let's talk about one of my kitchen Christmas creations shall we--dark chocolate, pistachio, and peppermint bark! What else is there to say? Rich, yes, but just one small bite contains the bitterness of dark chocolate, the salty bite of pistachios, and the sweet cooling burst of peppermint. I'm making these babies as gifts. They travel [...]

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