A Nutritious Guide to Portion Control

I'm a big believer that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. The other week I had several moments where I knew that I was/should be done eating, but continued to eat. It happens. Why though? We're so fortunate that food is so abundant. There's no escaping it, but that can distort our ability to [...]

A Nutritious Guide to Portion Control 2017-10-12T15:50:06+00:00

Pasta Salad with Grilled Summer Vegetables

Pasta! I love you! I have made this pasta salad over the summer for a few years. The veggies and flavors change every time, but the simplicity and goodness is always there! What makes this dish great is that it can be prepped and/or assembled at your convenience. Sometimes I make it all on the [...]

Pasta Salad with Grilled Summer Vegetables 2017-07-18T16:21:52+00:00

Basil Hummus

Hummus. It's everywhere and has become a popular food in the past few years among vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Why has it become so popular? Simply it tastes great. It's impossible to not find a flavor or texture that you like. Swap out different beans, add herbs or citrus, add more garlic or none [...]

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Quinoa with Kale and Cranberries

Where has November gone? I feel like I was just getting ready for Halloween, and now all around everything getting festive for Christmas. Not complaining, I love, love, love this time of year. When the lovely ladies of Modellist-ID asked me to create a dish for Thanksgiving, I was excited, but also in denial about [...]

Quinoa with Kale and Cranberries 2016-10-27T19:47:13+00:00

Halloween Caramel Apples

Halloween is fast approaching, and I have made a fun treat for the season. This short post is about a SUPER easy and healthy snack that's appropriate for the season. Think no sugar, no butter! Wait, so how can it possibly taste good, right? Dates. They're what make this caramel acceptable. The date caramel is [...]

Halloween Caramel Apples 2016-10-27T19:47:14+00:00

6 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

There are so many benefits to staying hydrated, but how do you know if enough is enough. Nobody actually knows where the magical 8 glasses of water each day came from or when and how it should be consumed. According to the Institute of Medicine, women should consume 2.7 liters each day and men should [...]

6 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water 2016-10-27T19:47:14+00:00

Papaya Avocado Salad

This salad is just like a huge welcome to summer! I make this salad so much because well it's that good. I have taken it to several pool parties and cookouts, and it's always a hit. I have people that have never tasted papaya or avocado come up to me and say that they love [...]

Papaya Avocado Salad 2016-10-27T19:47:14+00:00
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