4 Ways to Spice up Bodyweight Workouts

  I love bodyweight training, but just like any workout you have to keep it different and challenging to get results (and to keep from getting bored). Add a little bit of spice to familiar bodyweight moves, think squats, lunges, and push ups. If you follow me on Insta then you know that I do [...]

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6 Ab Myths

One of the most common reasons we start or continue to work out is to tone or "get" abs. Every quick fix diet plan or detox or pill will claim immediate results in the stomach area- "a flatter stomach in days." It's crazy how many things can use this for marketing gold. Here's the bottom [...]

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Hands Down Circuit

Body weight circuits can be a great workout. They can strengthen and tone muscles, but also blast some calories. What is this "hands down" circuit about? Basically you place your hands on the ground and they don't come off it. How it Works: Do this workout in the comfort of your own home, in a [...]

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5 Easy Stretches to Relax

Feeling stressed or all tied up in a knot? Whether you have been sitting and travelling all day or just feeling like you need 5 minutes to yourself these 5 stretches will help you get on your way to feeling relaxed. The best part these stretches will relieve tension in the back, hips, and shoulders, [...]

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PiYo Workout

I love both the strengthening aspect of Pilates and the stretching aspect of yoga. Put these two together and there's a full body workout that sculpts, tones, and stretches the body without beating it up. As a bonus many of these exercises work the glutes helping you achieve that infamous yoga booty. Perform these exercises [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Quick Booty Burn

I love, love, love booty burning exercises! That's one area that I always want to tighten as much as possible. Good news is that it doesn't take much time to get a nice burn. Hallelujah! This quickie of a workout is Pilates and dance inspired, and it can be done anytime anyplace. Pressed for time, [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Being Prepared

I woke up way to early for a Saturday this morning with my mind running all over the place. I hate when that happens! I'm just so excited about launching Core and helping all of you get out there and be active. So keeping with the Holiday Hottie theme I've started on the blog, let's [...]

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Holiday Hottie: No Time to Spare Circuit

Trying to fit in a workout around work and all of your Holiday activities, but can't seem to find anytime? Then do a "no excuses" kind of workout. This quick circuit uses no equipment and quickly tones the whole body while saying "bye, bye" to fat! Do it outside for some fresh air and sunshine [...]

Holiday Hottie: No Time to Spare Circuit 2016-10-27T19:47:17+00:00
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