Busting Pilates Myths

Good morning!
It’s a snowy cold morning here so I’m doing lots of work from home today. (Plus some snow day snuggling!)

Since I’m trying to stay in and avoid the cold today, I will be working out at home. If you know me, you know that I love doing this from time to time, just using my own body, some ankle weights, or just rolling out the yoga mat. A great workout to do at home is Pilates. Even incorporating some Pilates exercises to your normal workout can produce many benefits.

I have been practicing Pilates for years. I first discovered it while dancing full time. I enjoyed it, but did not practice it regularly at first. I primarily stick to mat Pilates due to the convenience, but I love hitting a reformer every now and then.

Like so many types of working out there are myths surrounding Pilates. It’s just for girls, it’s yoga (uh no check out this)because it’s low impact it’s ineffective, etc. The team at Ghergich & Co and Health Perch reached out to me to post their great infograph busting some Pilates myths.

Whether you are new to Pilates or have been doing it for years it’s a great explanation of Pilates.
Check out the full post here


Interested in trying some Pilates, contact me. I will be posting some Pilates inspired workouts on the site too. Check out this PiYo inspired workout in the meantime.

Have you tried Pilates?


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