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Welcome to Core, a fitness and active living community, by your trainer Jane!

About Jane|




Personal trainer, yoga teacher, and lifestyle coach. BS in Exercise Science, ACSM, ACE, RYT 200. Nutrition Coach through the Nutrition School and Precision Nutrition. Ballet dancer and model turned personal trainer and health lover.

All my life I have been moving. Even from a young age I knew that my life would revolve around fitness and moving. I always knew that fitness and health would be a huge part of my life, but I was not sure how it would all come together.

While dancing professionally I was going to school, modelling, and working as a personal trainer.  Ironically I was not the picture of health. I was stressed, tired, and hated my body. My relationship with my body was very turbulent and affected all aspects of my life.


I’ve come a long way! Over time I discovered and made changes to my life. In some ways my body healed itself.

While continuing to train clients, I saw them change their lives. I knew that I was doing something right.

Training Style|

Everyone is different so no plans should be the same.

My fitness and nutrition training is very back to basics. My hopes are to help clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way. It’s not always easy, but with results and positive influence change can happen.

I’m committed to helping you live the best life!