6 Healthier Alcohol Mixers

6 healthy alcohol mixers

This post may be poorly timed with all of the New Year’s resolutions and massive detoxes that many of us do, but I’m posting it anyways. I mean, let’s face it, a lot of us drink. A lot of us make drink bad stuff. So if you are going to drink, even the fruitiest and the most girly drink imaginable, why not save some calories and help ward off the hangover.

(On the hangover note, I have never had a hangover. I am not bragging, but really happy. Sure I have been tired and exhausted, but I’ve never experienced the headaches, etc. Maybe I’m a freak of nature, but I really think that it has a LOT to do with how I drink. I’ll do a post on that soon.)

Yes, alcohol is not the best thing that we can put in our bodies. We all know that.

It’s empty calories, can cause us to eat more, it’s dehydrating, makes us bloated, messes with sleep, etc.

But let’s face it, drinking is fun. Drinking is relaxing (wine anyone). Sure it’s not for everyone and I applaud you if you choose not to drink.

If you are going to drink and want to make it a little bit healthier listen up. Bonus: not only are these mixers healthier than a sugary store bought mix, but they are easy and really can help with prevent that hangover the next day.

healthy drink mixers

  1. Water (sparkling or not)// Free of everything (calories, sugar, carbs, artificial ingredients) water is your best bet for a mixer. Sparkling water will give you that hint of bubbles like a soda without all of the crap. Even if drinking wine, adding a splash of water will increase the volume of the drink without adding anything else. If you normally drink a fruitier mixed drink, like a vodka cranberry, switch to a vodka water with a splash of cranberry. You will still have the cranberry taste with far less calories and sugar.
  2. Jalapenos// Adding heat to a drink is a great way to slow down your drinking. Jalapenos will add a bite to your drink. Try with a margarita of tequila and lots of fresh lime juice.
  3. Lemon/Lime Juice// I love, love, love putting citrus in anything. Fresh lemon or lime juice will bring so much flavor to drinks (even plain old water) for hardly any calories. Instead of lemonade or a lime mix try squeezing the real deal into your cocktail.
  4. Berries// Berries are just as good in drinks as citrus juice. Muddle your favorite berry or a variety of berries to release all of the sweetness and awesome flavor. While berries in a cocktail is not the same as eating berries with breakfast, they will still add a hint of Vitamins and antioxidants. Try using berries in a daiquri or to sweeten up some bourbon or whiskey. Even a few berries in a glass of champagne can change the flavor.
  5. Fresh Herbs// Herbs are so great in drinks. I have tried so many herbs from mint, basil, cilantro, lavender, and cinnamon. Adding a small amount to a mixed drink or muddling them can instantly awaken the flavor of so many drinks. As a bonus they smell amazing!
  6. Ice// When all else fails use lots of ice. Most drinks are served chilled anyways so pile on the rocks. It’s an easy way to help with portion control simply because the glass will be full of ice not booze. Of course the ice will melt into water, so we are back to #1!

Have fun adding herbs, citrus, or fruits to your drinks.




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