6 Foods for a Flat Belly Fast

I’m sure that you have heard way to many time in life that you are what you eat.

Or how about the abs are made in the kitchen that is all over social media.

I know this is a health and fitness blog and I am talking about diet and flat stomachs, ground breaking. The thing is that we all have habits, choose certain foods, or just the daily grind that can contribute to our stomachs being not as flat as they could be. We’re also so impatient. Seriously just because you drank some water and ate a salad once does not magically give you the body of your dreams. It takes time for the body to balance, but changes can occur within a few days. Hang in there.

Fast flat belly foods

Here are some favorite foods that have been shown (by science) to contribute to a flatter stomach:

1. Healthy Fats

Olive oil, avocado, and other healthy fats have been proven to help burn calories more efficiently.

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2. Beans and Fiber

The magical fruit! Fiber helps to move things along, but it’s also a prebiotic, meaning it feeds healthy bacteria and helps them fight inflammation and fat gain.

3. Leafy Greens and Veggies

Of course greens and veggies are on the list. Greens are full of folate which block the genes that trigger fat cell formation.


4. Spices

Spice up your life. Ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, turmeric are all warming spices that help inflammation and also feed gut bacteria.

5. Fruit

Nature’s candy is also full of fiber and so many nutrients. When trying to quickly lean out avoid dried fruits. Even without added sugar, dried fruit can be a source of gas due to poor absorption of fructose. Fresh berries, stone fruit, and citrus are great options for sensitive stomachs.

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6. Plant Protein

Protein is like kryptonite for belly fat. Why plant protein? If you are not consuming protein from an animal source (actually eating meat, eggs, etc.) Use plant protein, especially if adding it to drinks. Most protein supplements are made from whey. Whey and dairy can lead to bloating. Switching to a plant protein can be an easy and super quick way to shrink the belly.


After reading all of these foods what should you do? Whip up a yummy plant based protein smoothie. Try a vegan protein which will give you the same fat burning, hunger squelching, muscle building benefits without the bloat. Incorporate some chia seeds, which are high in fiber and healthy fats (especially omega 3’s). In one shot you have combined plant based protein, healthy fat, and fiber!!! Include some greens (spinach or kale), berries or citrus fruit, some cinnamon or chocolate, and maybe a few almonds to finish off. Just like that you have combined all of the foods above.




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