5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Life gets Busy

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I am a balance of craving structure and craving adventure. There’s something nice about having a plan, being organized, knowing how hectic the next week will be, and knowing what meals to cook for the week. There’s also something nice about not having a plan, and just letting life unfold. This dreamer side of me is always imagining the big picture and not worrying about how to get there. I certainly would not have done some of the things in life if I sat back and thought about it instead of acting on impulse.

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The thing is no matter how much planning I do or don’t do, I have a lot going on. No two weeks or even days are really the same in my life. I can plan out every hour of the day, but there’s still things that will change or that haven’t been mastered. It’s just the way life goes sometimes. In truth though, by day I’m all over the place and by night I’m exhausted.

No matter what the day or week holds I strive to make it healthy. Sometimes that looks like a well planned meal and workout with time to decompress before bed, others it’s finding the least processed food while sitting in the car, airport, etc.

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My circumstances are really no different than any other’s. We all have junctures in our lives (vacations, travel for work, family drama, etc.) that will change our well planned and scheduled lives, especially if not prepared.

Keeping in mind that plan A, B, and C sometimes just doesn’t work, I try to tackle 5 things to help get through even the busiest of times.

5 tips to stay healthy when life gets busy

1. What’s the main goal?

Most of the time work will be the main focus. Whether it’s work or family, aside from that self care and not letting fitness take a back seat is also a priority. Sleep may be invaluable. Looking and/or feeling your best is priceless. Figure out what is the main goal for yourself and staying on track when things get hectic.

2. Know exercise options

This may mean getting creative. If limited with time or resources, workouts need to be quick and effective. If travelling see if the hotel has a gym. If your days are involving work late into the night working out first thing might be the only way to ensure that you actually do get in a workout. Come back to the basics of lunges, push ups, etc. if you must. Check out these workouts for ideas too.

3. Know eating options

No matter what your diet looks like, sometimes being at the mercy of what’s around or someone else may not be your best bet. Identifying a few near by restaurants or cafes may be a life saver. Carrying food in your bag can be a life saver. Always drink water. Keep a water bottle with you at all times.

4. Take time for yourself

Sadly this is sometimes the hardest tip of all. Finding some solo quiet time is really needed when life is hectic. Whether it’s waking up a few minutes earlier and taking some deep breathes, savering┬áthe feel of the warm water of a shower hitting the body, having a bedtime ritual, there’s no wrong way to take care. Yes this time can also mean a walk, a run, or rolling out the yoga mat, but try to find something that’s not always physical too.

5. What’s the worst case scenario?

The worst case is normally that all of those workouts don’t happen. Eating is spotty at best. More alcohol or coffee is consumed instead of water. This has probably happened before right? Well it’s probably going to happen again. Although it’s hard keep in mind that this is not the end of the world. Once things calm down, get back on track.

Point is life is going to busy, hectic, and messy sometimes. It just happens. All of the planning in the world won’t save anyone from it. Control what can be controlled. Plan what can be planned. Be open to change that may occur.


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