4 Ways to Spice up Bodyweight Workouts


spice up bodyweight workouts

I love bodyweight training, but just like any workout you have to keep it different and challenging to get results (and to keep from getting bored). Add a little bit of spice to familiar bodyweight moves, think squats, lunges, and push ups. If you follow me on Insta then you know that I do bodyweight workouts at home, and always end up sweaty. While training clients in their homes workouts are built around the amount of space and environment of their home. I love getting creative with bodyweight based workouts to challenge my clients and make every workout feel different.

Play with Tempo 

Slow down! Squats and lunges will feel more challenging. Push ups will become brutal. Why? Slowing down forces us to stay challenged by working and engaging the muscles for a longer period of time. On the other side speed up for a more cardio challenge. Increase the speed or explosiveness on mountain climbers, burpees, high knees, or jump squats and feel the heart rate soar.

Add a Prop or Small Equipment

Although going through a bodyweight workout add in a prop. Triceps dips off of a bench or chair feel different than on the floor. Working out near a staircase play with step ups. Anytime a height adjustment can be made the muscles will feel challenged. The key is to work with what you have available.

Move as Much as Possible

We all know that the more we move and the harder we work the more calories are burned. Add more movement whenever possible. Doing basic walking lunges, add a glute kick. Incorporate squats with some extra hip work by taking a big step to the right lower into a squat and push off the left leg to return to standing. Make sure to do both sides of course.

Create a Combo or Circuit

Taking a few exercises and running through them for a set amount of time will rev up the heart rate. Whether for reps or time circuits are great ways to refresh a stale bodyweight workout. Still looking for that spice combo exercises together. Combine a jumping jack with a squat by exploding into a star position and landing into a squat. Combine a jumping jack with a plank by hopping the legs out and in while maintaining a plank position.


Try to get creative with bodyweight workouts to prevent burnout and boredom. I’m a huge proponent of not needing a lot of equipment to get in a solid workout. As always find a way to workout with what you have to work your way to achieving your goals.




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