4 Questions to see why you do not like your workout

why do you not like your workout

Working out is not always easy. Yes, getting the heart rate up and breaking a sweat can be challenging for the body, but what about when you hate a specific work out? What about when you are exhausted? What about when that trendy workout is not a good fit for you? How are you going to fit in a workout while juggling everything at work and/or at home?

Everyone has days where they just are not motivated. There’s so many other things that sound better than exercise. There’s so many things that need to get done. There’s a difference between not feeling excited to workout versus hurting or pushing too far. Sometimes we need to hit the pause button and evaluate what’s happening with our bodies and workouts. Ask yourself these 4 questions to see why you do not like your workout.

Is this workout for you?

I am a big believer that it’s OK to not like everything in life. It’s what makes each of us unique. Why not apply that to choosing a workout? Think about what your goals are, your likes, your lifestyle, and your fitness level. If you have no desire to run, look at yoga, Pilates, barre, swimming, or even get a group of friends to walk regularly. Need intensity try boxing, circuit training, or spin. What works for one person does not have to work for you.

Are you seeing results?

Some people love working out and will do so no matter what. There are people that are results driven. They need to see changes. They need to know this workout is worth their time and effort. If a workout makes you feel frustrated and that you are fighting yourself then ask yourself why are you doing it? If it’s challenging because it’s new then stick with it. Once you are stronger or have built up your endurance it will feel different. When I work with personal training clients I make a point to show them how far they have come. When adding in reps or advancing an exercise, I tell them that a few weeks ago they were not ready to take on the new challenge.

Results also are determined by physical changes. Whether it’s the scale, clothing, or that new definition in your abs, is the body continuing to change. I take my client’s body measurements to help track progress. I also love having clients pull out older pictures and to compare with a current photo. Sometimes we do not always see the changes. If not seeing results then take a look at that workout and of course nutrition.

Are you getting enough sleep?

If the body is not getting enough rest to recover and repair those workouts are going to feel extra challenging. Ever try to run on tired legs? They feel heavy and stiff. If you stayed up late one night, go that class or keep that personal training appointment. Moving the body will give you energy and help you to fall asleep sooner the following night. Not getting enough sleep for several days in a row and then stressing the body through an intense workout can cause more harm than good. Adding extra stress to an exhausted body will slow down those results.

Are you recovering?

HIIT training is the rage right now. It’s difficult and super challenging, but if you feel like death then something may be wrong. HIIT training is not meant to be long. Perform an interval and then allow for a short break to prepare for the next interval. For example if performing a 20 second sprint, allow for at least 10 seconds of recovery before sprinting again. Remember when done properly HIIT workouts will deliver great results, but they are not meant to be done several days in a row. One or two HIIT workouts/week with other workouts thrown in the mix is plenty.

Even the most active of people take a rest day. Without resting the body those results will plateau. Working out causes stress to the body, constantly stressing the body does not allow time for growth or repair. If you have been pushing it hard for several days and then feeling exhausted in your workout, take it down a notch. Walk, stretch, foam roll, or schedule a massage. Show the body some love and those workouts will pay off.





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