4 Habits to Shape Up for Spring


The last few weeks of winter are not always easy. While still bundling up to go anywhere stores and magazines are all about showing what’s in store for spring and even summer. This winter has been really long, cold, and never ending. Life can just seem off.

I am not one of those people that hate winter. I actually think it can be a beautiful time of year. The past few weeks though I have seen so much snow, ice, and gray skies that I am craving blue skies, flowers, and light breezy fashion.

My body and needed a bit of a reset though (hence my absence on here-Sorry). I finally feel like I have gotten a grip on things, and now more than ready for spring.

While there is no quick fix for weight loss and magically getting into shape there are some things that can be done to help feel and even look better. Here are my 4 favorite ways to shape up for spring.


Water!!! I can not stress the importance and all of the amazing benefits that water has on the body. Drinking water is such a simple way to spring clean the body. All of the water will flush out excess salt and water weight. While this may show up on the scale, the most rewarding part for me is actually seeing the difference. My belly is flatter, my skin is soft and clear, and most importantly I feel great. Being properly hydrated is needed for proper digestion too. Being hydrated allows the body to properly absorb nutrients from food. Also if feeling a little backed up and sluggish from a winter  of indulging, then remember that the more water you drink the more food and waste that will be passed. Water is the best thing for your body-period!


 Legs for days!!! Warmer weather means showing more skin. While it’s so important to work the entire body, as shorts and bathing suit weather nears I love to focus more on the lower body. You don’t have to go to the gym to get in a great lower body workout. Performing exercises like lunges and squats at home are just as beneficial as in the gym. Need a little boost for a perkier bootie check out this workout.


Lighten up!!! Feeling sluggish or weighed down after eating all of the heartier and comforting foods of winter like I was, then it’s time to lighten up. When lightening up don’t feel like you have to eat less food, but eat lighter foods. Want a bowl of warm oats in the morning, cut back on the amount of oats and bulk up your bowl with lots of fruit. Pile up banana slices and berries. For lunch, stick to a salad. Use grilled or roasted veggies to add a warm bite on a chilly afternoon. Lighten up on the salad dressing too. Craving pasta for dinner, cook a smaller portion of pasta and load up on veggies, pesto, and meat (if you eat it). Serve with a big salad or a side of even more roasted veggies. The idea is not to prohibit foods but find ways to lighten up by adding more produce.


Move your body!!! Of course a good workout is needed to reboot for spring. Breaking a sweat will help flush out excess salt and water. If able take your workout outside for some sun. Even if it’s not spring and warm yet, just being in the fresh air and feeling the sun can make those winter blues drift away. If feeling down then releasing all of those endorphins will instantly give your body and mood a boost. Of course exercise is key for healthy living, whether losing major weight or just getting back on track after a long winter.


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