3 ways to improve your workout by adding intent

3 ways to improve wokrouts

So often working out is a chore. It’s mindless and just going through the motions. Want to make your workouts more enjoyable and feel more inspired? Try adding intent and purpose to your workout.

When moving move with intent. Each move has a purpose.

Here are 3 ways to add intent to your workout:

  • First, understand your goals, know your purpose. When you have a goal you have something to work towards. Working out with a goal will help you push harder. Visualize your goals, and design a workout specific to those goals. With a goal in mind every step, jump, twist, rep, etc. is getting you that much closer to that goal.
  • Second, understand the purpose of the exercise, which muscles are to be focused on, and with intent use those muscles to move through a proper range of motion. I tell clients to put “their brain in the muslce.” So if focusing on the hamstrings put your thoughts into your hamstrings, feel them engage, contract, or stretch. This brings focus to your muscles, each exercise, and each repetition.
  • Third, practice impeccable form. Perform each movement with control and correct posture. Using correct form greatly reduces the risk of injury as well as ensure that the intended muscles are stressed. Researchers have found that doing exercises correctly engages more muscle fibers and builds stronger muscles, another benefit of moving with purpose.

Make your workouts count. Make each movement and drop of sweat mean something. It’s alright to take your time working out. It’s not always about rushing. Working out with intent will deliver results, but make it mean more than burning calories.



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