5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Life gets Busy

I am a balance of craving structure and craving adventure. There's something nice about having a plan, being organized, knowing how hectic the next week will be, and knowing what meals to cook for the week. There's also something nice about not having a plan, and just letting life unfold. This dreamer side of me [...]

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Hands Down Circuit

Body weight circuits can be a great workout. They can strengthen and tone muscles, but also blast some calories. What is this "hands down" circuit about? Basically you place your hands on the ground and they don't come off it. How it Works: Do this workout in the comfort of your own home, in a [...]

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4 Habits to Shape Up for Spring

The last few weeks of winter are not always easy. While still bundling up to go anywhere stores and magazines are all about showing what's in store for spring and even summer. This winter has been really long, cold, and never ending. Life can just seem off. I am not one of those people that [...]

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Warming Banana Bread

We've made into March, which means we're almost to the a change in the seasons! I love the excitement the new season brings. There's always a boost in energy and mood. Well before we get to the start of spring, we've got to survive the last cold days of a hard winter. A few more [...]

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