Vacation and Travel Workout Tips

Vacation, travel, and working out may not sound like they go together, but they can and they do. Every time I travel I work out. I cringe when I hear someone use vacation or the Holidays as an excuse to justify laziness and gluttony. Currently with the Holidays my schedule is so different. Yes, I [...]

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Dark Chocolate, Pistachio, and Peppermint Bark

Let's talk about one of my kitchen Christmas creations shall we--dark chocolate, pistachio, and peppermint bark! What else is there to say? Rich, yes, but just one small bite contains the bitterness of dark chocolate, the salty bite of pistachios, and the sweet cooling burst of peppermint. I'm making these babies as gifts. They travel [...]

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5 Easy Stretches to Relax

Feeling stressed or all tied up in a knot? Whether you have been sitting and travelling all day or just feeling like you need 5 minutes to yourself these 5 stretches will help you get on your way to feeling relaxed. The best part these stretches will relieve tension in the back, hips, and shoulders, [...]

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PiYo Workout

I love both the strengthening aspect of Pilates and the stretching aspect of yoga. Put these two together and there's a full body workout that sculpts, tones, and stretches the body without beating it up. As a bonus many of these exercises work the glutes helping you achieve that infamous yoga booty. Perform these exercises [...]

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Tips for healthy eating when you are out and about

      Eating out can be tricky for even the healthiest of us!! I try to stick to eating out 1-2 times per week, normally on the weekends. It's also important to socialize and enjoy life, so sometimes I don't always stick to my eating out rule. I just returned from a few days [...]

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Easy Healthy Habits

I'm writing this shortly before jetting off to NYC for a few days. I'm such an organizer and a lot of times a creature of habit, so travel is great for taking me out of my comfort zone. At the same time, I start to think about when/where I can work out and think about [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Indulge without Derailing

What is it about the final few months and weeks of the year that even the healthiest and most disciplined of us seem to go off the rails? This time of year there tend to be thousands of temptations everywhere. Whether it's a special Christmas themed treat or social engagement that takes priority over a [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Quick Booty Burn

I love, love, love booty burning exercises! That's one area that I always want to tighten as much as possible. Good news is that it doesn't take much time to get a nice burn. Hallelujah! This quickie of a workout is Pilates and dance inspired, and it can be done anytime anyplace. Pressed for time, [...]

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