Holiday Hottie: Gratitude

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful and taking a moment to reflect. I read somewhere that listing, actually writing down what you are grateful for, increases your happiness. I'm not sure how true it is or is not, but it seems to fit with this time of year. Being grateful is something we should be [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Don’t Diet, It’s Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! I have to laugh about Thanksgiving because I feel like everyone goes nuts on the whole eating thing. There seems to be the it's another day group and the I have never eaten a crumb of food in my life and I will surely die of starvation group. For the first group, you [...]

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Diet: Limited vs. Restricted

Diet, limited, and restricted are tricky words. Just reading them probably draws up different thoughts in your head based upon your own experiences. I'm willing to bet probably not positive thoughts, too. For me there is a difference between a limited diet and a restricted diet. (If you feel different that's OK.) Restricted: There are [...]

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Find your way

I'm not the girl who has to surround herself with motivational quotes in order to get going. I'm naturally pretty motivated and headstrong. I do like this quote though. It seems to speak to my life at this moment. My head seems to be spinning all over the place, sometimes in a good way, but [...]

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Swiss Chard Pasta Bake

I loooooove pasta. Enough said. I mean, who doesn't like pasta? Pasta dishes are one of those things that can be done in a healthy way or made to be extremely unhealthy and fatty. Most baked pasta dishes are on the unhealthier side. They tend to be loaded with several types of cheeses or coated [...]

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Holiday Hottie: Being Prepared

I woke up way to early for a Saturday this morning with my mind running all over the place. I hate when that happens! I'm just so excited about launching Core and helping all of you get out there and be active. So keeping with the Holiday Hottie theme I've started on the blog, let's [...]

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Holiday Hottie: No Time to Spare Circuit

Trying to fit in a workout around work and all of your Holiday activities, but can't seem to find anytime? Then do a "no excuses" kind of workout. This quick circuit uses no equipment and quickly tones the whole body while saying "bye, bye" to fat! Do it outside for some fresh air and sunshine [...]

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Be a Holiday Hottie!

Can you believe that there are just over 8 weeks until 2015? Why not start the New Year healthy, fit, and toned? After all why wait until the New Year to reach your full potential. Now is the time to gear up physically and mentally for the busy Holiday season. Instead of letting the hustle, [...]

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